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Toast to Freedom


As one of the speakers at the inaugural meeting, we were privileged to have Bruce Kent, the veteran human rights campaigner and former general secretary of CND. To quote him:

"Each of us is our brother's keeper by engaging in the struggle for human rights wherever they are under attack, you in Ely, will join the long list of heroes in the past, often little known, who have done the same. The name Amnesty today means hope to many worldwide who thought themselves abandoned."

So we are preparing ourselves to be heroes! There is still plenty of room for new people with energy, enthusiasm and innovative ideas to be involved. We welcome people of faith and no faith, and of any nationality, all are welcome!

Join us at our regular meetings or at one of our events.

If you care about human rights, and would like to campaign with like-minded people around Ely, then just turn up on any meeting night – you will be made very welcome. Even if you are not ready to join our group, you can join our ‘interested parties’ list to receive details of our activities by e-mail: Go to mailing list form on Contact page

We're all busy people, with many calls on our time and energy resources. However we would like to feel we can show a practical concern for human rights abuses and violations. We would like to make a difference. Do join us whatever you feel your commitment may be.

For further information please email Barbara and Sally at