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Worth Watching

According to the Panorama programme SAS Death Squads Exposed: A British War Crime? British Special Forces soldiers allegedly killed detainees and unarmed men in suspicious circumstances in Afghanistan. It alleged 54 such killings by one British SAS unit on a six-month tour in 2010-11. It also claimed that senior officers took no action. The former chief of the defence staff during this period said that such events are a rarity in the British army, but that if he were still in the role he would order a thorough investigation. The programme claimed that the MoD investigated alleged offences by British forces in Afghanistan in 2014 but announced four years later that it found no evidence of criminality. It also said the programme jumped to unjustified conclusions from allegations already investigated. The programme, however, spoke to eyewitnesses never previously interviewed. You can watch this film on BBCiplayer