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Israel’s Immunity from Crimes Committed by the Military in Gaza

Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled in favour of immunity to Israel for crimes perpetrated in Gaza. The ruling is in response to an appeal that Israel pay compensation for the paralysis caused to Attiya Nabaheen, who had just turned 15 when he was shot by Israeli forces in his family’s front yard in Gaza in November 2014. The Supreme Court stated that the law is consistent with international law and that, in any case, Israel’s parliament ‘has the power to override the rules of international law.’ Palestinian human rights groups say this underscores the need for an immediate International Criminal Court investigation into alleged war crimes by Israel. Adalah, a Palestinian human rights group, stated that the ‘ruling means that all Gaza residents are banned from any redress and remedy in Israel, regardless of the circumstances, during ‘acts of war’ or otherwise.’ You can read more at