December 2022 NewsLetter Newsletter

Liberty Investigates

Liberty Investigates, founded in 2019, is a small dedicated team of investigative journalists publishing in-depth human rights stories in the UK, particularly with respect to migrants and policing. It spent two years examining the maltreatment and death of asylum seekers in Home Office care and exposed how more than 100 had died since 2016, including by suicide. Most recently, it has reported on the deaths of babies born to asylum seekers. It found that between October 2017 and May 2022, eight babies born live to asylum seekers living in Home Office accommodation died before reaching their first birthday. Some of these deaths may, of course, have resulted from natural causes but the stories of some of the mothers in this analysis suggest otherwise. The Home Office does not collect information on the miscarriages or stillborn births of asylum seekers living in its accommodation and so this number is unknown. To see all reports, go to