December 2022 NewsLetter Newsletter

Updates on Legislation

There are a number of Bills currently before Parliament with the potential to breach fundamental human rights. None have yet been finalised but we draw attention to them so that you can, where and when possible, take action. It is, for example, likely that the Bill of Rights – which we have featured in many…
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Newsletter October Newsletter

Amnesty’s Webinar on the Bill of Rights

This webinar on 20 September had initially been planned to devise strategies to campaign against the proposed Bill. It was led by Laura Treveleyan, campaign manager – human rights team, and Ian Southerden, programme director – law and human rights, who began with some background. Reviewing the Human Rights Act has been in the Conservative…
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June 2022 Newsletter Newsletter

The Queen’s Speech and Human Rights

The Queen’s Speech sets out the legislative agenda for the year to come. In all, 38 Bills were cited, several considered controversial and with an impact on human rights. These include the Online Safety Bill (dealing with harmful content online); the Victims’ Bill (to help victims have greater confidence in the criminal justice system); the…
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