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The Legacies of Enslavement at Cambridge University

In early 2019, the University created an Advisory Group to advise on its historical links with the transatlantic slave trade, on the legacies of those links and on future action in light of the findings. In September the Group recommended creating a Cambridge Legacies of Enslavement Fund to be put towards research, community engagement and…
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August 2022 Newsletter Newsletter

Universities and Modern Slavery

The role of the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) is to protect vulnerable and exploited workers. In a recent case investigated by the GLAA, they found Indian students who had stopped attending classes at Greenwich, Chester and Teesside universities shortly after arriving in the UK were working in exploitative conditions in the care sector…
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August 2022 Newsletter Newsletter

Modern Slavery in the UK

The government estimates that at any one time there are 10,000 to 13,000 people in situations of slavery in the UK, but experts believe it is closer to 100,000. Government estimate the annual cost to be £4.3bn but, again, experts say it is nearer £32.9bn. The Modern Slavery Act 2015 provides measures for dealing with…
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